Embrace. Empower. Strengthen.


Welcome to the Montclair Child Development Center, Inc. (MCDC) where we embrace the child, empower the family and strengthen the community! Since 1968, our agency has helped thousands of children enter school ready to achieve academic success and assist families on the road to self-sufficiency.

MCDC receives federal, state and private funding, which supports our delivery of comprehensive services to children birth-to-five years of age living in Bloomfield, Montclair, Orange and West Orange, New Jersey. Our entire team is committed to providing a safe, nurturing learning environment designed to address the child’s nutritional and health needs while stimulating rapid growth in physical coordination, self-esteem, pre-reading skills, math and science.

Learning also occurs outside the classroom, with trips to the museum, library, local farms and daily play on our playgrounds with bright, inviting play structures. Children also grow seasonal vegetables in outdoor planters, which they observe, harvest, then bring back to the classroom to wash and taste. Ensuring that children are exposed to various learning opportunities is critically important to their success.

We address the needs of the child’s family, encourage parents to become actively involved in their child’s education and help them achieve self-reliance. We believe that “parents are their child’s first teacher” and as such, we partner with our parents on everything we do. Our parents are engaged with our Policy Council, Parent Committees, Agency Assessment and other goal setting/planning processes, as well as in our classrooms. Family Engagement Advocates assist parents with training in workforce development, financial literacy, GED and English-as-a-Second-Language. We also partner with a wide variety of social services providers who provide additional life skills training and supportive services. We work to ensure parents are empowered to make the best possible decisions for their family.

We invite you to check out the pages on our website to learn more about the services we offer that embrace the child, empower the family and strengthen the community!

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